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    Ok guys im looking to start making vids now they will range through diffenrent lengths of anwhere between 1-30hours and will be all in one shot. Ok your probably thinking scrazy right? Well your probably not far off im looking to start making films aimed at relaxing the people in mental institutions, putting to sleep the insomniacs and mabey helping the old folks in the nursing homes rest in peace. As in go to sleep nicely!

    Ok so im gonna put to you all to come up with what i would need
    lets say you have a budget of 1.500euros, you are working alone, you have to make a film that runs from one location from 3 hrs before sunrise one day at location one. that will then end at 3hrs after sunset on the following day at the filnal location without a break in the filming. You would need a harness for the walks inbetween takes and a shooth transition from harness to tripod as the camera is always rolling. also you would need portable power portable hdd and mabey a wifi system.

    So this is all worst case senario i will more than likely have a person or two with me to plug in new portable regarge battery at every stop and the footage can be sent via wifi to a table to save on hdd. but i ask that you guys give me a list of what you would buy along with how you would use them. this long walk video might sound crazy but i cant wait to do it i was one in hospital in a catatonic state and i woke up several times aand this if anything i would have loved to have playing for me rather than the stupid fan i could hear in the background.

    I know im not really that good at explaining myself in writing but i will try and answer your questions best i can.

    so yeah question is if you had 1500euros to spend and had to make a 30hr single shot filmd which was mainly walking and stopping to starte then walking again how would you do it and what would you buy?

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    Well you cannot film a sunrise and and sunset all in one shot without panning or adding a new HD for the footage. If they are just static shots then breaking your cuts are the easiest thing in the world.
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      If you want to get a little peek into a shooting in one shot, see the movie THE CIRCLE starring Angela Bettis. ONE SHOT beginning to end, and it's not in one location.

      Then if you want to see some other things shot in one take do a search of MO-FREEK at youtube. Kevin has some great videos and quite a few are one shot.

      Anything you do by yourself should be free. So, the money you have to spend should be for locations, and working on what you want to tell in your movie. Which seems open ended right now.


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        was looking at teaming Canon VIXIA HF G10 up with Lexar Professional 600x 256GB SDXC, and to answer yeah there are alot of stills in my film but i will be looking to walk roughly 40km also. But i think i found my set up along with some portable power if anyone has any suggestions on the best mAh capacity for cash available and light as hell :) im gonna need to carry drinks and food with me from the get go. ive done the walk many times but never filming my next problem now is that i have found a camera that i like that can do what i want and is unlikely to overheat as its made for lengthy films what do i do about making sure my film is steady when i walk. i donnt recon you can use a chest harness for this camera anyone got any suggestions?

        thanks so far looking at mo-freek now :)