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  • Gustavus Trailer

    This is trailer of my new short film, based upon the play of most famous Polish poet- Adam Mickiewicz. It tells the story of Gustavus, unfortunate lover. Film was made by teenagers with no budget, with a school camera and postproduced in free software (almost half film is 3d- i mean bluescreen). I hope you will enjoy ;)

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    Looks pretty good! However, you should prolly show more of the story. It seems the new trend is to make a trailer which doesn't explain the film at all, just shows the cool shots. For instance, why is the bad guy the bad guy? What's the purpose? What's the plot? Etc. Even though you may write all that in your post, you have to show it through the trailer.


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      Yeah, you are right but in Poland it is a story that everybody knows, that is why I didn't need to show more parts of it. I hope my people will get it :) in fact Poland is my main target for showing this movie.
      The second reason is that this story is VERY short.
      Thanks for comment and opinion ;)


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        Hey there!

        Not bad, although there is room for improvement.

        If the film is really short, then it would be better to skip doing a trailer, or instead, do a 20-30 second teaser so that you can cram in enough content to entertainment people without giving too much of the story up in the short runtime the actual film has. There were some out of focus and overexposed shots as well. It dragged a bit as well.

        But nice work! Definitely something I'd be interested in seeing. Please post it when you have it out :)


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          Thanks, I promise I will post it soon ;)