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  • How was this Scene Shot?

    Here's a clip from the Sopranos. I'd like feedback on how this scene would be shot with a DSLR. Would you shot one character first, then the other? ETC.

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    Maybe I'm not fully understanding the question, but here is my recommendation.

    The way I look at is it is, You have a "live" story board right in front of you. If you want the scene to look like that video, then shoot it like the video, don't do anything different just because you have a DSLR, don't think for a second that you cannot create what I just saw because of your camera.

    Shoot it just like they did.
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      To save time, they may have done it in one take with multiple cameras. I do not know for sure, though.



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        To do it with one camera I'm thinking you'd have to Shoot all of Tony's lines first, then all of Camela's lines. But even like that I might have to come back and shoot a few more angles. Who knows? Maybe four takes would be required.


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          That scene was probably shot with multiple cameras.

          You could achieve doing a dialogue sequence such as the one posted by choosing your angles, and getting everything you need to capture from those angles instead of constantly moving the camera around. Be sure to capture some cutaways if. Edit the footage you have to your liking.