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Audio for a talkshow interview?

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  • Audio for a talkshow interview?

    I need to mic an interview with the interviewer and interviewee on camera like a talk show (David letterman, daily show, ect.) I would like to use at least two cameras to switch back and forth between the interviewer and interviewee. I am interested in using a lavalier mic for each person because of the freedom of movement and to lower some of the background noise in the room. The wireless systems by Sennheiser (for example) are out of my price range but perhaps a lavalier mic wired an external system would work? Are there some stereo options out there or maybe plugging each mic into something like a zoom h1 and putting it in each person's pocket? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    The cheapest option is probably the smart lav by rhode. It records right to a cellphone.