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  • Location Help!

    So we are getting ready to shoot our first short film but we are having trouble finding an abandoned house for one of our locations. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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    San Jose huh, Let me make some phone calls tomorrow if I get time. Tomorrow is a busy, busy day for me but ill try.
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      Can you use a friend or family member's house or does the house have to have a distinct look?


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        [at]Nick Soares: It would be fantastic if you could do that! Thanks so much!

        [at]ironpony: We are looking for an old, run down house. One that looks like no one has lived in it for a while, which is surprisingly hard to find!


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          Well there are some rundown houses if you drive out of town to really poor or run down towns. It depends where you live, and how far your actors and crew would be willing to travel.


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            Might sound weird, and I admit, I don't know San Jose area's agricultural opportunities, but older farms will often have older buildings and houses that have been left up but are now unused. You might look into rural areas for things like that. Alternatively, you could look at foreclosure sales or realty sites. Granted, I doubt that last option is free, but there's usually really really run down houses on those sites.
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