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Best Strategy for Acquiring a Location?

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  • Best Strategy for Acquiring a Location?

    Just curious as to what strategies you guys use when trying to acquire a location? (for free or as little money as possible) And when I mean strategy, I mean how do you ask? What do you ask? I've done it before, and I'm not a great negotiator but I want to get better. So Just curious on how you guys go about it.

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    If you don't have a lot of money, you have to have a lot of confidence. You go in knowing the person is going to let you use the location in your head. I typically walk in and shake the person's hand then I look them directly in the eye and make my request. They will either say yes or no at this point. Typically when they say no they give you a reason why. Confidently address their concerns and wait for a response. If it is still no then thank them for their time, shake their hand and leave. This way you don't burn a bridge with them and you can come back with a better offer or they my have another location you want to use in the future.

    If it is a business or a location that makes money you will typically need to either shoot in off hours or reimburse the company a typical fee to shoot there. Also on this note if it is a place that is normally for rent such as a house or an apartment, a lot of times owners here will let you film there for a percentage of the rent they would receive if they had a tenant.
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      ^ I love this advice.


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        Admitedly I have never tried to acquire any major location like a mall or a museum so I couldnt give any advice on those. The locations I do use (when not shooting guerilla style in public locations) I just ask. I have found that the owners of non-chain restaraunts are happy to let me use thier place for free.


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          Aside from asking business owners, you can also ask your cast and crew to ask their friends and employers of locations that they work at. Many times, asking employers gives you a great opportunity to get a very nice location that would otherwise cost you money to film at.