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Airplane Available Cheap for Use in Indie Films

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  • Airplane Available Cheap for Use in Indie Films

    Any independent film makers want to use an airplane to increase production value at LOW cost?

    I am a filmmaker, actor, and a pilot that has a 4-place Beechcraft Bonanza available for use in your project. I'm a former military pilot and test pilot, with an airplane that you can use for aerial photography shots on your production - either as a camera platform or as an "extra" in the film. All I ask for is that you pay for a tank of gas and a small contribution towards maintenance costs as well as copy & credit....

    Big Hollywood aerial production companies charge $5000 or more for what you can have for less than 10% of that for the day... Available to shoot anywhere in SoCal, day or night, good weather or bad....lets talk!

    I'm also an indie film maker so I know it can be tough on a micro-budget/no-budget shoot, so contact me to see what we can do to really make a great film better for very low cost!
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    Wow, great info, thanks!
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