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Smoking weed on film set

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  • Smoking weed on film set

    Hey guys, I have a little issue.

    By no means do i have a professional crew, but we get stuff done. Most people are not paid so there is kind of a "relaxed" feeling while we are shooting. The current issue I have right now is two of my grips openly smoke week on set when we are out of a public area, they say they have medical cards and it helps them focus and get their job done.

    Now I do not really have a problem with that, but one of my actors is really bothered by the smell of the smoke and I can just tell that there might be one day where he does not show up to set.

    What would you recommend I do in this situation.

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    I'd recommend not to.

    First off, some people could be bothered and abandon the project. Another possible problem that could arise, depending on how much you smoke, is accidentally breaking gear or misdirecting actors. It's good practice to manage a set professionally for when you begin to work on bigger projects.


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      Illicit drugs and alcohol no place on the set. Are the grips trained or did they learn on the set? Is the actor trained or did he learn on set? Which one is easier to replace? The actor or the grip? In my case good actors are hard to come by so I would tell the grips to knock it off or I'd let them go.

      Also even if they have their cards it presents a problem for you if they "share" with someone that doesn't have a card and an officer of the law happens to see that. I am sure at that point there is legal liability involving you since it is your production. (Don't quote me I am not an officer or a lawyer.) but it is something I would not risk.


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        Nothing wrong with smoking it, but when it's interfering with your production, put an end to it immediately. Them telling you it's for 'focus' is a load of crap; it'll only affect their working ability negatively, and if they really do need it to get through a day of shooting, I'd get replacement grips!


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          I have no experience on any professional set...

          But while filming my only short feature the main actor was actually smoking on every take. Before it was even considered though I talked about it with everyone involved and made sure everyone was cool with it... they even joked around that the guy was the only one getting compensated.

          Then again that was for a film called "smoke me the bear" about a bear bong that once smoked would convinced whoever took a hit to murder people and there was no filming outside of my apartment. Out in public is another issue...

          But since it's already apparent to be bothering some people I would say to have a little "pow wow" with them and say hey so and so has a problem, keep it out of site or strictly on breaks. If that's the only problem it seems that its not that big of a deal... but if boom mics start dropping in the set that's a different story.

          Good luck


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            Get high beforehand, duh.


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              Talk to them privately. Tell them that you feel it is interfering with production. You can tell them that you have had complaints, but you don't have to. If you do though, make sure not to point fingers. If you talk to them they should understand, or you can find new grips.


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                I heard if you get everyone high then no one will notice or care :)


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                  Originally posted by Mark View Post
                  I heard if you get everyone high then no one will notice or care :)
                  Then your end result is either brilliant or crap. haha.


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                    Or you know, get them all drunk ;)