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3 Piece Light Kit, Anyone have a good Link?

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  • 3 Piece Light Kit, Anyone have a good Link?

    So I'm looking to build my film equipment inventory. And I've written a script for a feature I'm really trying to make here in the next year or so, once I build some good connections in the industry.

    But anyways, a good 3 piece lighting kit....could anyone point me to a link to where I could find a decent set? Preferably ones with soft box attachments. Not looking to pay a whole lot, but not looking for dirt cheap either. Just one where I can get a good deal. Thanks!

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    Hi Mr. Jay

    Follow this link. This is a very good light kit for the price. Really, you don't need soft boxes unless you're doing some still photography. This is a good kit as the light housing has barn doors, which is really what you want.

    A word of advice. I have purchased lights from Adorama before. I would use electrical tape to tightly wrap the cable connectors before you even use them. Also, invest in some sandbags as the stands are light weight. People or wind knocking them over can cause your lights to blow, or someone get hurt