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DV Filmmaking - Collaborations???

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  • DV Filmmaking - Collaborations???

    Hi all

    I'm a first time filmmaker and I'm looking to get something (Lo/No-budget) shot in the Midlands, Ideally Leicester or Northampton. Location doesn't have to be an issue though :) as there are many ways to collaborate over the internet.

    I'm interested in experimenting with different styles, such as Dogme 95...

    If you are interested in collaborating with me then get in touch.

    I have a short film almost written, a feature 95% written and lots of other ideas

    Contact me either here, on twitter ([at]b_e_n_Hubbard) or via email raindevilpictures[at] and lets get something made

    Hopefully this could lead to many collaborations in the future


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    Ben - When asking for collaboration it's always nice to know exactly what you're looking to do: genre, premise line or idea, for fun or festival. People's most valueable asset is TIME. If you would like filmmakers to dedicate time to put something together, have a germ of an idea of what you'd like to, what you need, and so on.

    Anyone can say, "Hey, let's make a short film."
    But if you read someone say, "Hey, let's make a short films about the green Jello blob" you might just get someone's attention.
    I write. Therefore I am.


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      I've posted elsewhere that I'm up to help out with some FX shots--either made from me by scratch, or adding fx to a shot that's supplied to me. I'm in Hollywood, CA, so I'm not near you, but if you need FX shots, I may be able to help or at least advise.

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