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  • New Collaboration Film from UK/US members

    Hi everyone,

    Thought I would tell you about a new project myself and fellow forum member Nick Hummel (NHummel) have recently begun working on. As some of you may have seen a couple of weeks ago, I started a thread asking for a writer to begin working on a new production with - Nick answered the call, and within a couple of weeks, we already have half a script and some solid ideas in place. What's nice about this (as well as being my first proper time posting on a forum), is that we're working at long distance - Nick being in Atlanta, US and myself in England, UK.

    Anyway - Not too much to report yet, but will update this thread regularly with updates, posters and trailers etc.
    If anyone would like to be involved in anyway, please don't hesitate to say. I'd love to have your input!
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    Rob Collins | Breakout Films

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    I figured since Rob has not been online in a while I would post an update on this. The film, titled Running Chance, is set to be filmed tomorrow in Bedford, England.

    If anyone would like to like the page on Facebook here is the link:


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      Update 2

      Thanks Nick for posting the last update. Work took over so kept forgetting to come back here and update!

      Just to let you all know, the first trailer for the short film is online today which you can check out below.

      The first cut of the film comes in at around 15 minutes and is looking likely for it's December 2013 release.

      From then, hopefully we'll be able to work together in finding some suitable festivals, as well as posting online :)
      Rob Collins | Breakout Films