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SALE - LOW BUDGET MOVIE SCRIPT: "TURN" has been called the next Pulp Fiction

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  • SALE - LOW BUDGET MOVIE SCRIPT: "TURN" has been called the next Pulp Fiction

    ©2012 Joseph Mazzaferro
    Ph# 727-723-4157

    TITLE: TURN (WGAW Registered)

    LOG LINE: A killer, a stripper, a prisoner, and a drunk inadvertently link together in three different plots. Love, hate, crime, and circumstance define the end for them all.

    PITCH: “Pulp Fiction” meets “Crash.”

    GENRE: Crime, Thriller

    SYNOPSIS: “TURN” is an intertwined story of roguish characters and unexplained fate, proving that the people you know can have a traumatic impact on your life. We are all much closer than we think, just one moment and one turn away from the beginning and the end.

    This proves all too real for Courtney Steiner, a single mother who risks her life stripping and hooking to take care of her son, Josh. She thinks the perfect man has come into her life, only to be led astray by a killer, while Josh is left to suffer the tragic consequences.

    Meanwhile, we are thrust into an abusive relationship between Rob, a drunk and his innocent wife, Kelly, who realizes her surroundings, will be the death of her. She is going to leave her violent husband when an unsuspected occurrence changes everything.

    Reformed criminal Joe Graciano learns through a series of misfortunes that it’s not always easy to get out of the system. His choices get the best of him and he is pushed to go out in a blaze of glory, unknowingly breaking the link in life’s vicious cycle.

    Random victims also play a part in this violent, yet all too real, portrayal of life. Many people live this life, yet still others die for it. Full of twists, turns, witty one-liners and an ending to die for, this multi-story plot leaves no emotional stone unturned.
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