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"The Divide" - Vietnam Murder Mystery

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  • "The Divide" - Vietnam Murder Mystery

    It's been a few weeks since I last posted here, and I thought I'd provide some more information

    The film is set in 1964 South Vietnam and follows a group of MACV advisors. This is a time in the war in which the only Americans engaged in conflict are serving alongside the South Vietnamese Army, training them and assisting them in operations against the Viet Cong. When their CO is murdered, the advisors find substantial evidence that he was killed by one of them, and try to find the man who murdered the captain.

    The film isn't meant to hold any sort of political message or be a massive action spectacle like most films of this nature, rather it's just a murder mystery set in a military environment. I guess you could say that it could be compared to a combination of "A Few Good Men" and "Go Tell the Spartans", minus the strong political themes of the latter.

    For more information on the film, please check out the Indiegogo page and Facebook page below. Also, if you're able to help out, we're trying to raise money to get replica M1 Carbines. We're in the last couple of hours and could really use the extra support. I've built two myself, but with the time it takes to build one, as well as the fine details that they lack, higher end replicas like the Denix models would be incredibly helpful.


    I'm also looking to find some cast and crew members. I'm still looking to find some people to play some roles in the film, so if you're interested let me know! We definitely need a makeup artist, production manager, and other people to help with the film.

    In the past couple of weeks we've been working on the set, and we are very fortunate that we have just had a very large amount of scrapwood and pallets donated to us to use in construction! Hopefully we'll be implementing it into the set this weekend.

    Here are some photos from set construction:

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    I'd like to post some more, but unfortunately I can't post the rest because the files are too large. Check the facebook page (link above) for the rest of them, and more as we progress.

    Thanks for the look!
    Brent Funkhouser

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    Sounds pretty cool but I noticed that the signs kind of look like they've been done in sharpie. To me that just doesn't look right I would stencil them but that's me. So I also noticed your located in Virginia where exactly I'd be interested in helping out if your close enough.


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      A lot of the signs at the time (especially the directional signs) were hand painted. The directional arrow signs of the time were usually just done by people serving in the outpost, so they would have used whatever they wanted. In this case, I used a combination of hand painting and sharpies on those. For the "MACV Team 17" sign, I agree it could have been done better, but I'm not too worried about it. Truthfully, it's just meant to be nailed onto the field command post.

      I see you're in Leesburg, we're filming in Edinburg, only about an hour from where you are. We're filming June 10th through the 15th, if you're interested in being a part send me a message and we'll talk details!



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        Ok sounds god I will send you a DM.