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    Who has seen the british car review show Top Gear? The show has 3 hosts and an anonymous race driver who test new cars and do challenges. My company, Tracker Entertainment, is now making another car review type show called DriveZone! It will feature Reed Leonard and Gene Crunk as the hosts. We are starting filming tomorrow and would like some ideas. It will be lower budget, and that brings us to a problem. How do we get cars for reviewing? As i said, lower budget. Please respond with ideas, we really want this production to succeed.

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    Is it a web show or legit tv show because if its on tv I'm not sure how's you would compete with bigger budget type television shows like top gear you can always rent or lease a really high end car for around $500 or even review a car from dealerships and feature them so they get free advertising and you get a ride to review for maybe a day or two


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      I love the car shows, please keep us informed on when we can see some footage