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Crew Schedule Constraints, How to Plan for This??

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  • Crew Schedule Constraints, How to Plan for This??

    I'm just curious how producers plan this...What if some people can't make it some days, and others can make it certain days. Same goes for actors, considering this is unpaid. How do you schedule a production and make sure everyone is there since some people have actual work schedules? Would I just say something like, can you be avai for this day, this day, and this day before even hiring them? Cause thats the best solution I can come up with lol.

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    Yes, I would strongly suggest having your schedule in place first before casting, and only choose actors who are available when you are shooting their scenes.
    Of course, you're then responsible for sticking to that schedule.

    For crew, there 's more potential (I think) for doubling up as a hedge.
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      good suggestions, thanks!