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  • Virtual Stage 1

    NOW OPEN! Universal Virtual Stage 1 (UVS1), a dedicated pre-rigged, pre-calibrated virtual production environment with motion capture, camera tracking and related technologies for commercials, television and features. UVS1 is a self-contained facility that is 6,800 sq. ft. with a 24 ft tall, 80 ft long, 40 ft wide green screen cyc, a suite of editing bays and production office space with a conference room.

    Virtual Stage 1 offers

    Virtual Production / Previsualization
    - Pre-Lit Hard Wall Digital Green Screen –24 ft. high x 80 ft. long x 40 ft. wide
    - Realtime Motion Capture viewable in Virtual Sets
    - Camera Tracking for Realtime composite of live action elements in Virtual Sets
    - Realtime interaction between live action and mocap characters in Virtual Sets
    - RED ONE MX camera package with pre-encoded lenses
    - Encoded 24 ft. Camera Crane
    - Pre-rigged, computerized lighting grid allows for co-existing lighting set-ups
    - Projector with 9 ft. x 16 ft. projection screen on stage
    - Director’s Virtual Scout Camera
    - On-site technical director
    - Technology available for offsite rental

    Post Production
    - 2 edit bays with Avid and Final Cut Pro
    - 6 station artist suite with Maya 3-D, Motionbuilder, Nuke Compositing and more
    - Simultaneously review footage in multiple locations and make notes in frame
    - Stage audio/video feeds to all Post Production Suites
    - 60+ terabytes of high speed online storage
    - Physical content and security procedures
    - Wireless internet access

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    The pictures don't do this facility justice.. This stage is truly amazing and the staff that turn the switches behind the scenes for your production are the most friendly helpful people on the planet.

    What I love about this facility.. As you are shooting on green screen, you can view it/edit it and add special effects - at the same time in sperate office spaces off the main filming room.. When they explained the process and technology behind it, it blew my mind.

    If you have the budget and want the most cutting edge technology in green screen, I strongly recommend checking this stage out.