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When do you guys film?

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  • When do you guys film?

    I know this is a general question, but I am looking for general answers.

    If you are a student, when do you find time to film?

    If you are married, when do you film?

    If you work and married and have a kid, when do you film?


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    As a student, a father, and husband I film whenever my schedule lines up with everyone else involved. I typically give my cast and crew 2 weeks notice and we tend to film on Saturday so that everyone has time to make sure they are off work. My wife tends to our kids when I am filming and I make sure all of my schoolwork is completed before the weekend I am shooting. Hope that helps.


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      I cover all the categories you mentioned, so I film whenever I can.

      My advice if you're married is to, get your wife behind you on what you want to do. If she's not, it will be a tough road. Sometimes my wife is cool with it, but if she feels like I'm not spending enough time with her and our daughter, I get resistance. So make sure you don't neglect your family. As for friends? Who has time for friends?


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        As with everything in life, if something is important to you, you find time for it. The only things someone "can't find time" for are the things that aren't really that important to that person.

        I work a full time job, play in a rock band, have a relationship, and all the other usual stuff, but just make film making a priority, and I quickly stop working with people who don't do the same. These days, I am shooting short films and do the shoots for one weekend a month (two weeks a year?). Of course more time is required for pre-production, post-production, writing, occasional crew meetings, etc but I fit that in somewhere.


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          I work and I'm married; my husband is an active participant in most of my projects - and in some cases is the driving force behind them.

          Shorts have generally been weekends. My feature was 4 full weeks in the summer, but everyone was paid. Quite a few of the cast and most of the crew are full time movie/commercial/tv people. Quite a few of the actors also wait tables and bartender to make ends meet, but they had enough notice that they could arrange their schedules accordingly.

          I get (very fortunately) a lot of vacation time at my job, as I've been there for a long time.
          Screenwriter and script consultant:


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            Good question Frank, and great answers. I was kind of wondering the same thing. At times I get stressed just thinking about how I am going to do this.


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              It's my full-time job! And by that I mean I'm doing something related to filmmaking about 80 hours a week, 355 days a year. Even then it can be pretty hard to find time for personal projects and non-commercial things.