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  • Great Idea for a Storyline?

    Hi, everyone!
    I'm sure by now, most of you heard there was another sinkhole in Florida.
    Sinkhole in Florida--nothing new. However, this had a new twist--it opened up INSIDE a house, and was not even visible from the outside. Swallowed a man, who called to his brother for help, (who was in the next room), to no avail.

    I thought this could be a super plot for a sci-fi movie for someone. I have no personal interest in writing or producing this; I just thought it could be a cool movie. I presented the idea to Nick Soares, and he asked that I post it. So, I pass this along to all of you.
    Have fun!

    Nancy Jo Baker

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    Maybe it's a sink hole into hell!


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      I think thats a really interesting idea you have there! It sounds like it'd be a fun project!


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        I knew someone would jump on that one when I heard the news! Go for it! :)


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          Ubar "The Atlantas of the Sands" was an entire city that fell into a sinkhole long, long ago. Literally there one day, gone the next. think about that too! Perhaps sinkholes have come into their time as a disaster for movies!
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            I'm not the one to make a movie, but I'm sure someone will. I just think it's a great story--sinkholes small enough to surprise people in their own beds! A series of sinkholes--a housing development built over a swamp, or underground waterway, or reclaimed land......the plot could go many ways. Even an underground society of beings who need more humans to save their race, if you want a bizarre twist. Special effects should be easy enough to accomplish.
            Of course, if someone does run with my idea, I would love to play a part in the movie!


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              Honestly, I dont think it is that good of an idea. I mean the real story would be who the guy was before his death. Just my thoughts