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    Hello all and greetings from Wisconsin.

    I'm in production of a horror/thriller film that I wrote and am directing and have hit a speed bump. Everything was going great until our main location dropped out because the script was too dark. So now we are having trouble finding a new house to film at. It seems everyone I talk to is semi-interested but then stops the conversation when I mention the details about filming. Would anyone have advice about finding locations...more preferably a home setting?

    We are looking to stay in the Appleton/Green Bay, WI area but are willing to travel to film. Any advice, leads, and tips are more than appreciated. If you are at all interested in this project please message me personally.


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    I'll check up on some soon, but do you mines explaining what everyone is afraid of??
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      It beats me. I'm assuming they don't like the idea of long film days (8-12 hours). The original location owner said the script was too dark-- basically because the dark spirit in the film takes the family from bad to worse. Eventually it completely consumes them and makes their life hell in the process. They stated the script needed to be bad to good for filming to be possible.


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        I don't know what your budget is, but in the past I've searched for rental properties, or furnished model homes to ask about renting the space for a few days. Usually people are willing to do this because they make money off a vacant property and don't really have to do anything but make you sign a waiver. They might also want to read your script to make sure you aren't planning on burning the place down or smashing walls in and what not.
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          I think something that's vacant would be a great way to go, since you don't need to worry about people being disturbed by a long day of shooting. Keep in mind, however, that it's highly likely that they'll require liability insurance.
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            Thanks Dory and Mara for the helpful tips. A fully furnished place would be nice to rent, I'm going to look into that. I just wouldn't want it to feel too fake-- I want that "home" feel to be present.

            The script doesn't call for any damage to the house. The most we would be doing is muddy footprints on a cleanable surface such as linoleum or tile. This is not a slasher movie where everyone dies and there's blood everywhere.


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              If you are willing to travel to (north central) Illinois, I know of a private rural location that is available and is perfect for a horror film. (Authentic and original barns, farm house, high ceilings and lots of space.) Drop me a line if you are interested, and I will give you more info and I have lots of photos.


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                Thanks for the reply but this is an old thread - 2013 - so hopefully the filmmaker already found something :)
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