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Serious Problems with Moving forward.

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  • Serious Problems with Moving forward.

    Over the last few years, my friend and I have been discussing various projects, First is was Film and Video game reviews, then it was a sketch show, then it was a short film, then it was a rant series, and now it's a documentary.

    For our current project, we're working on a documentary about Powergamers, aka in the roleplaying game community as Munchkins. We've been having all sorts of trouble actually doing anything on it. It took us weeks just to narrow down the questions we were going to ask, we've got some sketches we want to throw in, and Dead Gentlemen Productions is allowing us to use clips from Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising under Fair Use.

    My problem with all this is that i feel we could have banged a lot of this out in a week. At least got the ground work ready. As it stands, we still have no idea what form the final product will take, and we've been at this for almost a month, and have just now gotten the first interview lined up.

    Am i being unreasonable in my timeframe? People post twenty minute informative/entertainment videos online weekly, and it took me a month of pissing and moaning just to get us into pre-production.

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    Welcome to low-budget filmmaking :)

    The two minute videos you are referring to are normally people or companies that have a set game plan and most make a living doing it, many of those videos take all day to film and that is the only thing those people do.

    Now I guarantee you it wasn't like that for them when they started. You are doing the hardest part right now, establishing a game plan and executing it. Then once you have done that you will have a outline or structure to follow for your next one. Don't get stressed out, each time you will get better and faster and before you know it you will be just as good and fast as everyone else, you just need to bridge the gap then you will move faster
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      Everything gets easier the more you do it. Just getting your first interview may lead to many more. Plus, you may find that after your first interview you need time to rethink, get different gear or find a new approach. The worst thing would be if you were right in the middle of interviewing 3 or 4 people and realizing that your project wasn't headed in the right direction.