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Best Camera for Documentary

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    If you don't have the budget for the HVX, I would suggest you getting a T3i. One thing a T3i has an advantage in over the T2i
    is: the swivel out LCD screen. I cannot imagine what I would do without it, it has been SOO useful. I believe the sensor is
    a tad better too. For me, the Kit lens is good for a zoom lens and I'm planning on getting a Sigma 30mm 1.4. (Getting more
    in depth in cameras a bit here) Since the focal length of the human eye is about 50mm, the Canon 50mm 1.8 would be ideal...
    IF you had a full sensor camera like the 5D Mark II or so on. Since the T2i, T3i, 60D have smaller sensors, the 50mm is more like
    80mm. So the closest to 50mm is 30mm. The sensor is 1.6 times smaller on a T2i, T3i than a 5D Mark II. The "__mm" is for full
    sensor cameras, so if you want the focal length for a smaller sensor, you take the "__mm" x 1.6 and that'll equal the focal length
    for your T2i, T3i with a specific lens.


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      Did you end up picking one out?
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        Well I will be attending a film school later this year and my girlfriend owns a Nikon D3100 so I figured for now I don't need to buy one because I will have hers and the school equipment to use.


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          I noticed someone asked about audio set ups; I would say to start, get either a cheap Tascam recorder or the Zoom H1. Then, you can by a lav mic to attach to the recorder.



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            For these very expensive cameras, are there any insurance needs that you guys have?