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Sci-fi Web Series - animated - need help

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  • Sci-fi Web Series - animated - need help

    It is Sci-Fi, action, drama, 10 episode web series for YouTube. The episodes will consist of 10-15 minutes each. I have 1 episode written so far.

    When aliens from another planet kidnap the world’s leading alien research scientist, two highly trained soldiers must follow and rescue him, or risk alien invasion.
    The help that I need is:
    1. Script writers (it's a lot easier and faster to have a few people writing or even to critique)
    2. Voice actors (I have 2 people already, just need more)
    3. Animators (using UNREAL ENGINE 4 to animate the show) [I'm going to start but I'm just learning so it would be helpful to have more people who know what they're doing]
    4. Anything (thumbnails, artwork, etc..)

    • Dr. Luther Shaw - head scientist of alien research.
    • Jason Baker - special ops.
    • Dean Sullivan - special ops.
    • Lyra {lie-ra} - TORAXIAN. Home-World: Eldoret. Their home-world is rich in mineral wealth, making it a target for prospectors from many different species; Because of this, other races have repeatedly attempted to invade their world. Some of these attempts have been successful.
    • KELLIANS - Home-World: Gar V; Race of Goblin/Orc looking bipeds who find all races other than their own, especially humans to be physically revolting. Have extremely sharp teeth and tough skin. They regularly set fire to themselves as a way of cleansing their bodies.
    • ARIAN - Home-World: Gorganos 13; A race of monkey looking bipeds, who are peaceful unless provoked. They believe themselves to be the only intelligent life-forms in the universe. For religious reasons, they grind their food into a fine paste.

    Please let me know if you are interested and we'll figure out how to get it done! Thank you so much!! Hope to hear from you soon!

    Contact me: fxcraft13[at]

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    Welcome to Filmmaker Forum!
    Are these paid gigs, or just for credit?
    Screenwriter and script consultant:


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      Unfortunately, right now it would be just for credit.. if absolutely necessary it could possibly be paid...but a very small amount.