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  • We've Got a Track! Lets do this!

    Great news everyone. Sam Knox has gratiously agreed to let us use the track "Trois" for this project. As a reminder we are creating a music video, passing different segments of music along to different film makers. I'll be seeking volunteers for this, assigning them different segments as we go forward. People interested should send me a concept for their segment as well as a reel.

    Here is a link to the track. I will be selecting edit points shortly but for the time being listen for bridges and transition points. I'm open to suggestions for where segment breaks should go.

    The rules will be as follow:

    1. The film segment may not feature any actual illegal activity. Key word "actual". You can have a segment which features a staged robbery or a murder, but don't for example, go out and vandalize a building without permission.

    2. The film segment may not feature any sex acts (I'll consider something that features tasteful nudity)

    3. The film must not feature any material which you do not own the rights to. This includes footage of any persons who did not sign a talent release. I will need a copy of the signed talent release for anyone submitting.

    4. Each successive segment should take inspiration from the prior one and if possible have a natural transition point. For example you could use optical effects in which the end of previous clip is chroma keyed into a TV at the beginning of the next clip. There are simpler techniques as well. For example a clip could fade to a person waking up, implying the previous segment was the person's dream.

    5. All footage must be shot in 1920x1080 30fps. This will prevent problems with changing formats and frame rates.

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    Cutdown idea: intro (up to where the beat kicks in at 13 seconds)
    13 to 42
    42 to 1:14
    1:14 to 1:55
    1:55 to 2:20
    2:20 to 3:11
    3:11 to 3:55

    I don't have time at the moment to keep going through the song dividing it but that is a start. Let's make it 24fps instead of 30 because that is considered more cinematic. Also, we should have a basic story beforehand so the segments are planned and connected. They can be longer than what I put above, that would just be so many people could participate. If there aren't enough people, people can do multiple segments that are interested.



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      Ok, I guess 24fps is fine.

      I don't want to dictate story specifically, but what we should do is plan how certain segments will begin and end so that they'll transition into one another. For example if someone's segment is very surreal and experimental I might say the next segment has to begin with someone waking up, making the previous segment that person's dream. This gives people considerable creative freedom but also knits the different segments together into a coherent piece.

      If we lay out an exact storyline we'll have the same problem we had with the short film idea. At the start of this I laid out a short film making sure to incorporate a variety of locations where people from the forum who volunteered for the project lived. It was impossible to keep anyone engaged. People had busy lives, and once one person became unavailable their entire segment was useless. Even if we keep the story vague enough to be shot anywhere it will be harder to interest people with an assignment dictated for them then it will be to let them create something on their own.
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        I like the sequence up to 13 seconds being an intro. I think we should reserve this for an experimental film.

        I like 0:13-1:14 for the next segment then:

        1:14- 2:18