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To Anyone Wanting To Participate. Please Read

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  • To Anyone Wanting To Participate. Please Read

    Hey guys, so as most of you know I'm going to be making a thread soon getting into some detail about the project. i have had a lot of people come to me with some great ideas and I have a lot on the table that I need to get organized before I make the thread! The thread will consist of a bunch of things regarding the project.

    But before I go through all of that I am going to make this thread to just kind of get a sense of how many people we are working with here. If you are wanting to help on this project, please just reply to this thread. I just need to get a rough estimate of how many people we still have that are willing to help.

    So be sure to do that. I'll be making the thread Friday or Saturday night! so be sure to be on the lookout of that.

    Thanks guys and gals!

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    I'm in.


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      Anything I can possibly help with in this project, I shall
      "Nobody knows anything"


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        I definitely want to help.

        In what capacity, that would depend on the kind of project we end up doing.

        Whether it be brainstorming, helping to produce it, or actually filming something, I can't say yet.

        But count me in.


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          I am willing to help in any way.


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            Still on board!


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              Hey, it's myownself.

              The computer I'm using won't sign in for some reason. I'm in.


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                Still in for post production!



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                  Still in, can do Music Composing, some shooting with DSLR cam, and some 2D/3D animation
                  Music Composer


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                    If I'm being 100% honest, I'm not good with this turnout. We had 7 people reply to this in around 5 days. Thats not enough compared to the 25+ people who were willing to do it weeks ago.

                    Any ideas?


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                      Hi Havey,

                      I'll be straight up with you. Once I saw where this project was headed, I bailed. Instead of making one film that we could gang tackle, the idea evolved into making several shorts that would be melded into one. It's never going to happen. I've made four feature films and I know how much work as well as resources that are involved. Sorry to be so cynical.

                      I proposed that a one location wonder be shot where some of us flew in for a long weekend and knocked it out. The screenplay and post work could be done by people who couldn't come out.

                      I wish you the best of luck and I'll root for you. But I'm sitting this one out.



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                        I still think this sound like a really fun and inspiring idéa, whatever it turns out to become.
                        Whether it's going to be a short, narrative, doc or something else. I think the "thing" here is to be open-minded, something like in improvisational theatre, where you say yes to ideás and contribute yourself with some material. (If you're not familiar with that theatre form, for example, it could work like this; one person on the stage act like he is at a lake fishing, another comes in claiming to be an astronaut on a ship, no one denies the other persons story, they just act together with their own reality, and it could get hilarious and interesting, creative and filled with unpredicted action.)
                        I think people could go out and shoot almost whatever they liked, one person film one minut of some story, another one film some event, yet another one some amazing local nature scene, AND THEN, let's find some very talanted editors here on the forum and just let them put it all together to whatever it may be.
                        Music Composer


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                          I'm still in...but for some reason Internet Explorer doesn't let me log in so my only real computer access is at the library. They have IE. I can still post as a guest though.


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                            Let's come to some firm decisions. Is it going to be a feature or a short? Fiction or documentary? Since Havey bailed, we need an organizer. I don't have the time, but a few of you offered when this thread first got started.
                            L A Morgan
                            Novels, Screenplays, Short Scripts, and Music


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                              I have to much going on with distribution. Based on my experience a cinematic would be near impossible to perform without someone putting money up to get things figured out. I am not trying to be a downer, but I have to focus on my filmmakers and their films right now. If someone wants to try and do this you have my blessings.
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