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I have a way some of us can converse outside of internet...

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  • I have a way some of us can converse outside of internet...

    So there's this texting thing called group me where I can get all of us in one big group text thing. This works for people who even have an old brick phone like me. I do believe I can only add people in the US though because I'll be charged to text those in other countries, but I could be wrong.

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    Sounds good, but that is why we are all here to be able to express ourselves through this forum. Update your phone so you can access this site with it. It makes it much easier and we will also have all the resources that this site has as well at our disposal.


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      I can't just update my phone. I'm still not on my own plan so I either have to wait till my upgrade or save up for my own plan, which I hope to do soon.

      It's still nice to have a way to talk outside the internet. Not everybody has a data plan. It twas just a suggestion.


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        I didn't mean to be inconsidetate. I know a lot people are not aware of the capabilities of smart phones. Some are not willing to upgrade because of change. I'm one that is a beginner at film making and editing and have benefited greatly from the resources of advice and wisdom here. I use my phone a great deal on this site. I was just passing that information on. Please accept my apologies.


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          Ah, I wasn't upset at all man. I was just explaining myself.


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            Why don't we just skype? The program is free. If you've never tried it you'll love it. It's literally like video phones from science fiction movies.

            Group texts are massively annoying.


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              As I said, this is for when we don't have access to internet. Not everybody has a smart phone. :)


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                I mean everyone else can do what they want, but I'm not getting involved in any mass texting between more then 4 people.

                Why the need to communicate sans internet? We've all got internet don't we? We're on an internet forum. Is this for if people are away from their computers and come up with an idea they just have to share with everyone?