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  • A compromise for our medium

    Seeing how neck and neck several of the "medium" options are I think I have a compromise that will satisfy everyone. Right now feature film is in the lead with seven, traditional short is right behind with five, next on the list is web series with four. That's all pretty close so I think we should find a way to make it all possible. How? Allow me to explain.

    In the writing phase all scripts start with an opening teaser no more then 15 minutes that can function as a stand alone short film. We create the teaser scene first as a proof of concept. If all goes well we move on to the feature.

    If things are going too slow with the feature we can release segments as a web series then put the whole thing out on DVD at the end.

    All three mediums receive consideration.

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    I think you have misinterpreted the poll results. First of all the wording in the poll is pretty bad to begin with. Most feature films ARE traditional narratives. I'm not sure that all the people who voted for "traditional narrative" were all voting for the same thing.

    It seems that in the comments, "traditional narrative" in your poll has been clarified as "short film" but how many people voted before reading the thread? I'll bet more than a few. If we assume that the people who voted for feature film were also voting for a feature film with a traditional narrative (which is almost certainly the case) that means 12 people voted for a stand-alone film with a traditional narrative. 5 people voted for a web series (4 for web series, one for web ARG).

    12 vs 5 is not that close...
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      Judging from the comments it was pretty clear many people understood that "traditional narrative" corresponded to the "traditional narrative short" in the description. No one asked "does this mean the feature wont be a narrative"?

      Were you confused?

      Considering Nick was among the people calling for a short I think we should give this set up real consideration.


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        ...double post


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          I never argued against doing a short. The purpose of my last post in this thread was to point out that there is not nearly enough interest in doing a web series to warrant giving that any consideration.

          As for your idea of making the first 15 minutes of the script stand alone as a short film and making that first, that will result in either a really bad short film, a really bad feature, or both. The structure of a short film is significantly different than the structure of the first 15 minutes of a feature. I'm not going to cry over whether we choose to do a short or a feature, but we have to pick one and stick with it.


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            I gave the web series last place consideration as it was the last idea to get significant support.

            I completely disagree with what you're saying about using a short as a teaser scene to a larger film. Many many films are in this format with a teaser scene which can function stand alone as lead in to the main film. For example all of the classic Bond films were made this way. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark opens this way as well as does Last Crusade.

            I actually have an idea in mind for my technothriller idea which should play out perfectly as both a stand alone short and the opening of a feature.