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Sasquatch Falls - A Horror/Comedy Short

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  • Sasquatch Falls - A Horror/Comedy Short

    Hey all, we're Sean Hills and Justin Otsuka, two writers/directors who just completed our degrees at Columbia College Chicago. Our first independent effort is "Sasquatch Falls." The film follows a Sasquatch researcher who sets out to look her mentor after he mysteriously disappears into the woods.

    We were able to rely on film school friends for crew and equipment, but we quickly ran into some unforeseeable problems (our DP was driving the rental grip truck and side-swiped a city bus, some crew members brought unnecessary relationship drama to set, our producer quit due to those issues, and more). It made the production grueling, but we did everything in our power to keep our professional actors happy and make the most of the experience. Now, we're about six months removed from shooting, and we love the footage and story regardless of what happened on set. We're ten days into a 30-day Kickstarter project and about $1400 short on where we need to be to keep the film going.

    If anyone can help, we'd greatly appreciate it! Here's the project link:
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    So, all those problems you went about usual, eh? ;)

    Just to let you know, what you experienced, though it really, really sucked, is kind of par for the course. Usually there are unexpected things that occur or come up, and things don't go as planned, or there is something else. It seems like it is always this way so don't feel like you guys did something wrong. How you respond to these things and take care of it to get the project finished is what you are about. Knowing that you will get the project done even when crap hits the fan will get you work. Handling adversity is the filmmaker's forte.

    That you kept your actors happy is huge. That is very, very important. Finishing a shoot if one of them quits is one of the hardest things to overcome. A project I worked on had this, with 5 scenes left to shoot in the film. We got a replacement, and I was able to edit kind of a transformation shot, which was not inconsistent with the story, and even though the transformation was really subtle (I made a screen grab of the original actress and put it over the face of the new actress and then faded it away). There was a lot of shadow on her face so that made it even more subtle. So far of maybe a thousand people or more who've seen the movie only 1 person has ever said anything about noticing the change of actress. When we tell people that there were 2 different actresses playing the role the audience members are floored. We got lucky.

    I wish you luck raising the money you need. I will probably be having a fund raiser myself for my own project so I can't help you out right now.

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      Steve, thanks for reaching out. We had each put out fires here and there on previous sets, but this was by far our most difficult production. It's reassuring to hear what we experienced is the norm, and it definitely feels good to come out of it still liking the story and each other.

      Best of luck on your upcoming project.
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