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My First Feature Length Documentary - Be A Part Of It!

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  • My First Feature Length Documentary - Be A Part Of It!

    Hi guys, I know its been a while since I've been on. The past year or so has been insane. I graduated college, moved, did some awesome commercial work and now I'm back home, looking to do my first feature length documentary.

    It is entitled BOONE. And it features my hometown that I grew up in Southern West Virginia. My town is seriously struggling both economically (currently in a great depression) and in terms of drug abuse (tops the nation in opioid OD's per year).

    I would love for my filmmaker forum family to help contribute to this campaign. I know we are all filmmakers looking to do great work, but this is truly close to my hear. Any and all funds will help. It doesn't matter if you contribute $10 or $200, every penny will help make this project happen!

    The link below will send you to my Indiegogo campaign, where you can find all of the great info!

    Please contribute if you can!

    Happy holidays!

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    Hi guys. Bumping this to tell everyone that if you want to help our campaign by contributing it is ending soon!

    Less than 60 hours left! Please click the link in the OP and check it out, every dollar helps us make this documentary!