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Hello indie filmmaker from nyc!

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  • Hello indie filmmaker from nyc!

    Hey guys! please check out my short film at Una Muerte - A Death -- Indiegogo HELP THIS LITTLE FILMMAKER SPREAD THE WORD and reach his GOAL! cheers! here is the teaser trailer to my last short film 'A Pact with Solitude'


    1. Because i believe in this project 150 percent, can't you tell how excited i am!

    2. Because it is a great story that will connect with everyone who has lost a loved one, and dealt with the hardship of grieve and coming to terms with livng without having that person ever smile at you, make you laugh, speak to you, touch you. A story not only about loss but about what we gain afterwards.

    3. Because i wil have the top actors bring this story to life, and the best of the best crew, and editor, sound designer, color corrector!

    4. Because i will win an OSCAR for best short film and i will shout all of you out while i give my acceptance speech. And while we are shooting big this OSCAR will be given from the hands of Pedro Almodovar and i will tell him all about you!


    -Camera equipment (lenses,dollies,cranes)
    -Talent Fees
    -Location Fees
    -Truck Rental
    -Generators (to keep my lights on in the Dominican Republic where the electricity goes out often)
    -Sound Equipment
    -Crew Fees
    -Editing/Post Sound

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    Moved to Kickstarter IndieGoGo section...

    Best of luck!
    Distribber - Keep 100% of your film's revenue


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      thank you so much!!!!! :D


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        About the Director

        Rodney Llaverias was interested in studying film after watching "All About My Mother" by Pedro Almodóvar when he was sixteen years old.

        Now a graduate of the school of VISUAL ARTS in Manhattan, he has worked in many film productions lending his extremely visual styles to further the storytelling.

        In 2011 he shot his latest short film 'A Pact With Solitude' ( entirely in the Dominican Republic where he hopes to shoot A Death aswell. A Pact With Solitude was nominated at the 23rd Annual Dusty Film Festival Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography and Editing.

        This summer he was asked to lend his visual support to a feature length film Written and Directed by George Lavoo, Writer/Producer of 'Real Women Have Curves' ([ame=]Real Women Have Curves (2002) - Trailer - YouTube[/ame] ) and Writer/Director of 'A Dog Year' with Jeff Bridges ( [ame=]A Dog Year Trailer - YouTube[/ame] )

        He hopes to return to his country and be part of the evergrowing film industry of the Dominican Republic.


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          sounds like its going to be a great film. I'll definitely keep an eye out for it.