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My film Crowdfunder just went live

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  • My film Crowdfunder just went live

    Hi guys,

    So just wanted to let you know that the crowdfunder for the film I've written and am going to direct, 'Fissure' has gone live. Never done one before (crowdfunder) so its my first rodeo as they say. I've posted up the teaser trailer here before, so you might be familiar with it :)

    It mean a lot if you could check it out, and if you feel inclined support us with a pledge or a share to get the word out.

    Ten years after her daughter went missing Kate, a bereaved mother destroyed by guilt and drugs finally seems to have her life back on track. That is until she begins to suffer from flashbacks which unlike the self loathing nightmares of her past point towards the possibility that her daughter is still alive, trapped on another plain of existence where dark forces rule.

    Thanks in advance guys,


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    great trailer kinda looks like the guy has jizz on his beard though kinda put me off my breakfast lol. Sounds like a great concept and you seem very passionate about it i will leave a small donation


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      Haha. It does indeed. Be assured, its actually an adhesive the wraith secretes to stop its prey from getting away from it while it sucks out their essence :)

      Thank you so much :) If I could be super cheeky and ask for you to share as well? If you want to though... :)

      Many thanks



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        Juts an update: Here's the newest production vlog I have done. Just announcing cast and what have you :)


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          UPDATE: The project is gaining momentum and has even recieved some column inches


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            Update: Now up to 18.4% :)

            We've already had one donation from here thanks to Chris Swivel!!! Thanks again. Anyone else care to join the cause?


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              Update for everyone. We just hit 1000 over the weekend so I'm massively pleased with that news. 2 new (very short) vlogs coming this week too.

              Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far!