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Gunhand - A european western feature film (2017)

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  • Gunhand - A european western feature film (2017)

    Hey Guys, I'm currently working as DP/producer on "Gunhand", a feature western that will launch in september on crowdfunding.

    Check out the new teaser!
    The 2nd Official Teaser Trailer for Gunhand the Movie.

    On facebook:

    Let me know what ya'll think! (in cowboy voice)
    Make sure to watch in HQ!

    If you like what you see, It would mean the world to us if you could like us on facebook :).

    The Story:

    America, 1871.

    "Lightning" Joe Ledbetter was once a notorious "Gun For Hire". After marrying the righteous Kate he made an oath to forever give up his life of violence. As the couple eke out a living on their isolated farm Ledbetter does his best to be the kind of man his wife wants him to be: a normal man leading a quiet life. But the past often has a way of catching up with people.

    The Savage Mining Company suspects Joe's land of containing deposits of precious Copper ore. Soon a group of men arrive lead by the enigmatic Frank Vermillion. These rough characters have been sent to "remove" Joe Ledbetter from his land to claim it for the Savage Mine.

    Ledbetter must break his oath or pack up and leave because a violent confrontation seems inevitable. The couple are at odds as to the right course of action but “help" arrives unexpectedly in the form of a stranger who has been wounded in an altercation with Frank Vermillion and his gang.

    As Kate nurses the strangers wounds she learns his name is Heflin, a Deputy U.S. Marshal searching for the desperado Frank Vermilion. Although wounded and unaware of Ledbetter's past, Heflin encourages them to make a stand against Vermillion. With the Marshal under their roof Kate and Ledbetter now run the added risk of Heflin finding out about Joe’s true identity and possibly arresting him.

    A vicious gunfight ensues when Vermillion and his men arrive at the farm. The rusty "Lightning" Joe Ledbetter must now kill again in order to save himself, the woman he loves and possibly a Marshal who could take him to jail if he knew his real identity.


    Note: This teaser is purely made as proof of concept, for the crowdfunding campaign.
    The crowdfunding campaign will be launched in september.
    The actual shooting of the feature will start after the campaign.

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      Originally posted by Mick Scarborough View Post
      Thanks Mick :)


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        Looks like a very significant production.



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          Originally posted by Steve Olander View Post
          Looks like a very significant production.

          Thanks, that's what we're going for. Though this teaser is almost shot with no money :).