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  • Norwegian/Hollywood Feature. Making-Of Trailer...

    Feel free to donate and help us out.

    I'm here in Norway, where I've gotten some great and positive news coverage.
    This video I shot and put together, is myself and my two stars speaking about how it all got started.
    Segments of the footage were done with a Canon 5D and an action cam under the car.

    The actual film will be shot on RED.

    BAK SKJULTE MASKER -- Indiegogo

    If you want to get involved, get some additional IMDB credits, build up the CV, or maybe even be cast and flown out later, get involved and please help us out.

    What I'll do is start most of the footage and scenes for where I'm currently at, then we head off to an island for the 2nd half of the film since one of the stars, celebrity Bjørn Sundquist is only available for a certain amount of time, shoot his scenes, then back to Norway.

    This is a protected script (WGA and Copyright), so truly interested persons can email me privately for a copy of the synopsis.

    Thanks for having a look everyone.

    Stacy Paul
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    Ahh, sweet, good for you! Nice video!
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      Thank you Nick.