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    I might one day attempt to fundraise again. But, only if I can find some successful funding in advance.

    I have a project that I've wanted to shoot for years. But, it needs a real budget. It's a musical, and I have demos with my awful voice. I have a singer that I can coax into singing on a couple for this project. So, I'd have a few songs I can create videos for, and I would just need one actress to play the lead in this trailer. I already have two friends who will play the other two parts.

    The hook for trying to get funding is it's a story that features ALL the beauty of New Jersey. I know Jersey has a bad reputation, and it took years for me to change my driver's license over from NY. But, it is a state that has everything. That's going to be my selling point, the pride of New Jersey.

    For this trailer - Do you think it would matter if I shot with my old Canon XL-1? It's 29 fps. But, outdoors you can get the depth of field. Most of the trailer will be outdoors.

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    Realistically if you have an idea that is unique (like yourself) and that appeals to an audience any camera will do. I hated the director of the first Hunger Games film, but got caught up into the story. The deep depth of field is a bonus, since shooting with a DSLR could limit yourself in that aspect. Unless you can find someone who owns a Panasonic GH4. 4K+deep depth of field+high dynamic range=awesome.


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      If I use the XL-1 I can take a month by myself to get the shots I want. If I find someone with a camera, I have to pay them. I'm unemployed, and this is going to be a LONG process. I've never begged money for anything before. I've thought about it... But, it's a whole new game when cash is involved.