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Jazzin' in the Key of Sea™ launched on Indiegogo

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  • No Pay Job Jazzin' in the Key of Sea™ launched on Indiegogo

    After roughly 20 years of making records, writing books, and touring the world as a bass player, I started an outsourced arts education company that would bring professional musicians into the classroom to really teach music in the NYC public schools.
    While there I saw that kids were completely unaware of the Great American Songbook and Jazz in particular. Because I love Jazz I decided to do something about it!and I have created a cartoon that kids would relate to and also find fun.
    That project is "Jazzin’ in the Key of Sea™."

    This is first in a series of multi-media programs that will open the worlds of Jazz, Classical, and great American music to children in an educational and entertaining way. The heart of this multimedia program is a series of animated stories, which teach students in fairly broad age range about jazz music, its history and its legendary performers.

    Picture an undersea world, the town of “Sandy Butte” where all the hip jazz musicians live. Orcanette Coleman, Thelonious Monkfish, John Soletrane, Mollusk Davis, Eric Dolphin, Swim and Swam… You get the idea. I have weaved a lot of great music into the storyline from “Your Feets to Big” to “Dunkin Bagels” to “It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing.”.”
    I feel that one of the important things to articulate with this project is the importance of keeping it in the family. With that in mind Thelonious Monk Jr. will be the voice of his father (who is represented by the animated character “Thelonious Monkfish”); Paul Ellington will be the voice of his grandfather (represented by the animated character “Duke Eelington”); and Chris Calloway Brooks will be the voice of his grandfather, (the animated character “Crab Calloway”). We are in discussions with family members of a number of additional Jazz artists, in hopes that they will voice the related animated characters. Moreover for some of the ancillary characters we have created feature Oteil Burbridge bassist for the Allman Brothers, Alex Skolnick guitarist for the rock band Testament and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra as well as trumpet great Terence Blanchard.

    This project is my life’s mission!

    We have created an Indiegogo campaign which gives you a bit more detail as to what we are up to.

    Please visit our campaign and by all means give a donation if you can!


    Our link: