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  • The Nightmare Man - Indiegogo

    Please help us out! Donate, spread the word, provide moral support, anything! We just launched this campaign today. We MUST raise this money; we're setting out to make one of the most badass indie horror films in recent memory, and we simply cannot make this happen without your help.

    The film follows a young man who can no longer establish the difference between dreams and reality after encountering a creepy figure known as The Nightmare Man.

    Here's our IMDB:

    Pleasepleaseplease help out in whatever way possible! I'll freakin' love you forever.

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    This is just my opinion but you might want to include either in the description or video exactly what you will be using the money for, how you are planning to make it and maybe even a 15-second or 30-second teaser that does not include any actual footage from the film (as I assume you have not started filming yet, if you have then use some of the footage you have shot) but can just tease the public. If you do something along those lines then I will probably donate because it seems like a cool idea. Good luck!
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