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All i want from Santa is a few backer for my Kickstarter :)

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  • All i want from Santa is a few backer for my Kickstarter :)

    Come check it out guys, those that have come across my posts know i am very new to filming and doing volunteer work whilst traveling around. Im in desperate need of equipment and whilst i am breaking into making short films i do not posses the skills to make promises in that department. But i have gotten praise about my time-lapse videos. So i intent to get creative for a year making a minimum of 104 time-lapse videos to fulfill my Kickstarter which is really a front for me getting new gear to help me fulfill my ambition of ruling the film industry ROLFCOPTER WOOHOOO :)

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    wooohooo i got a backer, i know it doesnt sound like a overly ambitious project guys but its what i know i can deliver and the equipment will help me work on my talent also i do have two films planned which ill keep quiet that will defenatly be loved by this forum they willbeshot over 36 hrs and made into a timelapse but the location will be defenatly be of intrest to some of you :) pls take a look and even if you dont feel like chucking a 1at it then share as someone you know ight :) thanks happy hols to all