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GI HOES, a hilarious stop motion series is hoping to be ready for Xmas

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  • GI HOES, a hilarious stop motion series is hoping to be ready for Xmas

    I'm managing an Indiegogo campaign for a friend and colleague who has a hilarious show he's been working on for about 12 years.

    It's called GI HOES. GI HOES is a stop motion animated comedy about GI Joe style dolls that run an adult book store. Mark's XXX is a porn shop in Edison New Jersey struggling to stay in business in a world where internet porn is changing the industry. The porn shop is owned by Mark, and his old army buddy Commander Dicks, a Vietnam Vet who's a little bit unhinged and sees the porn business as a new battle field. They're joined by Roy, Mark's sarcastic best friend, and a handful of loyal and highly perverted customers. Together they defend the shop from religious fanatics, zombie strippers and a constantly shrinking customer base. It's a side splitting mix of raunchy humor and slap stick comedy with just a touch of social commentary mixed in.

    You can check out the pilot here:

    The creator, Mike Galonzka is now working on a Christmas episode. It will be three times the length of the pilot and feature all sorts of new props, models and effects.

    You can read more about the campaign here:

    We're looking for completion and advertising funds.

    I can honestly say this is the best project I've ever had the privilege of promoting. It's funny, groundbreaking and highly marketable. I honestly can't believe it isn't already on TV. It's ten times better then most of what they put on Adult Swim or Comedy Central.