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  • "Driving" Short Film Funding Campaign


    I wanted to announce the official launch of the distribution campaign for "Driving" a short film by Faded Freedom Productions. Driving is a short drama that follows a young man through a dream-like experience. A manifestation of the captivity we put ourselves through, a lost relationship between father and son, and ultimately the realization that every single choice we make has a consequence. Audiences will leave this film heart warmed, moved, and with something to talk about on the ride home. From the thrilling locations, to the tight and fervent dialogue, this is a totally accessible family-friendly film that is important for all to see. For we are all driving.

    Originally devised in April of 2014 from the minds of Phillip Greenwood and Tim Torre, the goal of Driving was to bring a group of true artists together to tell a compelling and passionate story. From the core team Phillip Greenwood (Director) , Steven Shulgach (Director of Photography/Editor) , Andrei Shulgach (Music/Sound) , and Tim Torre (Writer/Producer) came Faded Freedom Productions, a production company dedicated to making art in creative, unique, and powerful ways. This team brought a crew together in early May 2014 and completed principle photography on Driving within three days. As it nears the end of post-production we are entering the final phase: distribution. This requires a certain amount of funding to get started.

    That's where you come in!

    If you are interested in donating to our cause, it will assist us in moving forward through the festival circuit and beyond, allowing the story to reach out to all who wish to hear it. Besides being able to support the arts, there are many rewards for you featured on this page to show our appreciation.

    You can view all the details here at "Driving" is a fantastic project that is heading into the festival circuit and needs your assistance!

    You can view the trailer here -
    If you are interested in supporting the project, but are short on funds, please show your support by sharing this campaign on any social media site. It only takes a second and will help us reach our goal that much faster.

    Don't forget to LIKE US ON FACEBOOK

    Thank you and I hope to see you at the premiere!

    Tim Torre(Producer)
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