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One of a Kind - A Short Film

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  • No Pay Job One of a Kind - A Short Film

    One of a Kind is a movie we are making mainly to make money to start making our movie called Back Then. If you donate to help us or even just share our page, you will help so much. Back Then is in the developmental phase. We just found a writer today. I think it's a movie that a lot of people will like. If you donate to One of a Kind, you will be helping us to buy cameras and microphones and other filming and editing equipment so that when it comes time to make Back Then, it will be the best it can be. Back Then is about a boy who gets to relive his past to fix a mistake he made with the girl he loved. It's not like the typical movie where someone makes a wish and everything goes wrong and they realize what they had before they made the wish was what they really wanted. Back Then is a story of a boy who makes a wish and everything actually goes right. So please, if you are interested in either of these stories, it will help so much if you could donate or share this page.