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No Matter of Sniff - An epic Sci-Fi Music Video Project!

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  • No Matter of Sniff - An epic Sci-Fi Music Video Project!

    Hi there!

    We are working on a new and very ambitious Sci-Fi music video.
    Together with the Swedish Band „Woolfish“.

    In the music video we follow two space pirates (played by the band themselves) on an adventurous quest through the galaxy, searching for mysterious and valuable artifacts.
    They visit exotic worlds and encounter many dangers, fierce monsters and epic space battles!

    We want to create a music video unlike any other, to help our friends from Sweden to kickstart their career!
    They are incredibly talented and we feel that they should be heard everywhere around the world!

    Because our vision demands a much higher budget than we could afford, we started a crowdfunding campaign.
    So we can invest in better costumes, make-up, props and also miniature models for spaceships, creatures and robots.

    We did a test shooting to create a teaser trailer. So you can see in which direction we are going and also to test the workflow with a green screen set. We used a Blackmagic 4K for the first time and it is really amazing!

    We are incredibly happy for every support we can get. Even without a donation you could help us by sharing our campaign website or leaving a comment. Just click the link:

    Thank you for your time!

    A project by Christian Warstat, Inga Sieberichs & Shawn Bu.

    You can also take a look at our last music video: