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How to get funds for your project

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  • How to get funds for your project

    I am looking for finance for my feature film, I've heard about crowd funding. Can someone help telling me more about it?

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    If you check out the articles section there's a lot in there about funding your film. But here's some of my advice
    -Have a brilliant idea (crowd funding won't work without it)
    -Get a little group of followers on youtube or whatever
    -Make sure you keep your followers entertained (post little scenes and makings of)
    -Remember it might not work so have a backup plan

    Sorry I didn't include this in my original post
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      Crowdfunding is incredibly overhyped, and doesn't work unless you have a GREAT video, strong plan, reason for people to donate, somewhat existent fan base, and a backup plan. The majority of people that use it do not reach their goals, and only those that do well are promoted (obviously...). If you can put together a great video and give viewers a reason for them to donate to you, then go on ahead. Director Kevin Smith funded his film with 10 credit cards, something that you shouldn't do unless you have a solid distribution plan and know your film will do well (something I don't recommend... at all... imagine years of debt). You could always just beg, borrow, and steal, searching for pennies between seats and begging family members. There's also the option of finding an investor, as well as funding by product placement. You also could make a film funding by an unknown band to feature their music. You just have to play around with these different funding strategies, mixing and matching techniques and experimenting. Without knowing much info about the project, the best thing that you can do is experiment and research. There is plenty of funding info on the web that is accessible to you, and I'm sure you'll find the method that is most effective.


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        Thanx all
        I am here after a long time, sorry to thank so late.