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  • Southern Rock band Music Video KICKSTARTER

    Filmmakers, Musicians, and Veterans. What do they have in common? Well, this crew here consist of all of it.

    This project is a collaboration between former U.S. service member (Army, Marines, Navy) whom turned filmmakers after their service, now making a music video for a former U.S. Navy turned singer/songwriter.

    The crew and cast of this project are very talented independent professionals based out of Seattle WA and are ready, standing by to hit hard on this project once we meet our goal.

    And I have been asked to be the one to direct this music, being an Active Duty Service Member myself, I can't turn down a fellow brother.
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    You have been up on the Fundraising Project section since you requested this, but there is no way to track how many clicks come from here huh?
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      I dont think so. I dont know
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        Well, Nick I'm not sure who is your server provider... But I know most of them allow you to see how many clicks came to your site and from what site they came from, as well as. showing what sites they went to from your site.


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          Thanks Nick for having the Kickstarter campaign video displayed on the front page of the forum. We made our budget and filming was able to commence. Two days of filming and we are wrapped. Awesome time, great experience, and had the priviledged of working with talented and professional cast/crew. This is what filming making is all about. Collaboration.

          "Barstool Kind a Night" Music Video with Jones & Fischer Band

          BAND MEMBERS:
          Caleb Fischer
          Darin Jones
          Collin Paynter
          Ron Baker
          Shane Stendell
          Joel Gamble

          Director: V.T. Lithyouvong
          Producer/Editor/Colorist: Collin Joseph Neal
          Producer/Unit Production Manager: Erin Neal
          Assistant Director: Sean Patrick Burke
          Production Assistant: Ronee Collins
          Director of Photography: Chris Taylor
          1st Assistant Camera: Mike Burns
          Dolly Grip/Grip: Javier Caceres
          Gaffer: Charles McDowell
          DIT: Jason Vo
          Hair and Makeup Artist: Erika Seward
          Wardrobe: Karina Cohrs
          Catering: Ryan Hicks

          Phillip Harvey
          Kevin Harvey
          Brittni Nester
          Brandi Nester
          Hannah McBryde
          Rick Walters
          Angela McKenzie
          Julie Brown-Okinaka
          Maxwell Swet
          Zack Broun
          Ronda May Olshefski
          Palmer Chase
          Rachelle Henry
          Mark Stoecklein

          The Village Restaurant
          Don's Restaurant
          Michael Snyder (house)

          Faith vs Fate Productions, LLC
          Adventus Films
          The Warrior Film Project

          And last but not all the Kickstarter backers. Without the support from you guys, this would not have been possible.....Thank You
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            Looking forward to seeing the final product!
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              Music Video currently in the editing phase. Should be ready in about 3-4 weeks. I'm excited to see it all come together myself.
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