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Puzzle crowns, kickstarter's campaign is live

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  • Puzzle crowns, kickstarter's campaign is live

    Hi to all on the forums.

    I'm (Xavier BOTTET for those who might not remember my previous post) back with new content to share with you. I went few months ago with the promotion of a motion comics and things evolved that it turned into a comics. Few months ago I tried with a partner to do a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and... well it didn't work. Now, I'm here to introduce my new solo project: PUZZLE CROWNS.

    PUZZLE CROWNS is a single player game and a puzzle game for the iPad in a fantasy theme, think LOTR / Willow / Dunjeons&Dragons. I present you the project, as yes it's a game, but it has a cinematic and epic mood, which might appeal some of you.

    Don't hesitate to post comments, questions, I will be happy to give you answers. Don't hesitate to share, spread the news.

    Thank you very much for your attentions and your support... Well, if you want to back the project, this would be really, really appreciated!


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