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The Night Before Easter (2014)

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  • The Night Before Easter (2014)

    Everyone! Please help us as we attempt to create an amazing and memorable slasher film about a group of friends who are stalked by a crazed, axe-weilding lunatic in an easter bunny costume!

    Reece G. Donnell from The Slasher Stop and I are serving as associate producers and the film is being directed and produced by journalists Joseph Henson and Nathan Johnson of The Hysteria Continues.

    We're shooting this film in Chattanooga this winter, and I cannot wait to be on the set! I'll keep you guys updated on this project from time to time, as this is the second feature I'm producing. Well, I guess you could say it's my third, but I don't count Legacy of Thorn since all I did was donate to the Indiegogo campaign. But you get what I'm saying. :)

    Please help make this project happen! $1, $2, $5, anything counts! Please help us reach our goal! We'll love you forever.

    - Jason H
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    It would help if you actually linked your project page!


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      Good luck with your project!
      L A Morgan
      Novels, Screenplays, Short Scripts, and Music


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        GradeBFilms, I fixed it. :) Don't know how I let that happen.

        LA Morgan, thanks a ton!

        I'll keep you guys posted on the film's progress.