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FREE rewards from failing Kickstarter Project

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  • FREE rewards from failing Kickstarter Project

    Science Fiction comedy is offering backers a chance to name characters, write lines of dialogue, or even get their picture in the movie:

    It looks like funding isn't going to be successful, but get this: BACKERS WILL STILL GET THEIR REWARDS EVEN IF THE CAMPAIGN FAILS. That's right, if it's not successful, we're still going to make the movie and you can still get your names and dialogue (and more!) in the movie.

    And since you're only charged if we get 100% of the funding (and we're only at 25% so it doesn't look like that'll happen) you'll be getting these rewards for FREE.

    But the funding ends tonight at 10pm EDT, so you've got to hurry to take advantage of this offer!

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    I don't see why this cannot be turned into a 10-minute short film? Also, for future projects, a "title" paramount to get backing from strangers. Just a suggestion.
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      Dang those girls are funny and cute! To back you didn't find this forum long ago to start building a fan base! Looking forward to seeing what you make of this!