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Near Humanity - Motion Comics - Crowdfunding Official launch

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  • Near Humanity - Motion Comics - Crowdfunding Official launch

    Hi to all on the forum,

    I'm Xavier Bottet, the Art Director of an Horror upcoming Motion Comics, called Near Humanity. I collaborate on the project with Emmanuel Beaudry, who is the writer and who co-direct the motion comics with me. We've started an Indiegogo project to help the funding of the project. Today, we have updated the extended trailer for the launch. If you like comics, horror, animation, dark and gritty story, Indie projects, well... Near Humanity is for you, we have it all :)

    Here is the official pitch to get a glimpse of Near Humanity universe. We'll reveal more content and more news soon.

    Click image for larger version

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    Near Humanity is a horror motion comic with historical events as background. It is split in three seasons of 4 episodes; each one lasting 6 to 7 minutes.

    Each season is set in a specific historical time period. The first season is set during World War II in Poland; season two is set in 1948 in Ukraine; season three is set in the state of Nevada during the Cold War (1955). Each season is linked by an overarching investigation spanning through these different time periods taking place in modern day New-York.

    The common thread is the year 2000, the story will be told through multiple flashback, giving us step by step the truth.

    We hope to count on many from you. Contributions start as low as 5$, and the more you contribute, the bigger and crazier will be your perks. Don't wait contribute now to help the project, and share with all of your contacts to make this project gets bigger and sooner.

    05/06/13: Hi all, Here are some new footage to share with you. Near Humanity is infected :) There will be Zombies. Here is a link for you to enjoy:

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    Welcome to the forum. Is your film directed by J.J. Abrams, because it has enough lens flares!



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      LOL, Hi Anonymous Filmmaker,

      I would say I'm a fan of J.J. Abrams. I'm also a big light FX and lightworks addict. It's part of my visual signature and would say it gives to the project this broadcast flavour. Some don't like, which I understand, but on my side, I won't apologize behind any basic apologies. I believe that the light and shadows are part of your signature in a movie, video clip and more.

      Thanks, and hope you'll contribute and support the project.



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        Very cool video, im in just because of it


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          I like it! I like the concept and look. Good luck!


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            Hi Jimbo 88,

            Really thank your for your comments. Don't hesitate to share the news with your contacts. You can also contribute to the project, any small contributions will help bringing the project into the lights and might bring more support to us.

            Thanks again. It's appreciated to get feedbacks.


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              Hi to all,

              Today, one big news to share with you... NearHumanityNews is ready for download on iPad. It's an app to present and discover some details, stills, and maybe if you look with attentions to details, discover new content on Near Humanity. Here is the link, enjoy and hope to get your support to the project:


              Andro´d release will come soon and other big news.



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                Hi to all,

                It has been a big week. It’s now for Andro´d users. They can download NearHumanityNews for Free on their devices:


                Enjoy the microapplication, feedbacks appreciated, notes and review also.
                Contribute on Indiegogo to see more things coming and help the project.




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                  Near Humanity - big updates!

                  Hi to all on the forum,

                  It's made a long time since I didn't post any news. I've been really busy about various projects, now it's the time to give you some updates.

                  At first, before giving you some news, I would like to thanks various people who congrats us, and believed in our project. There are many and great one out there. It's appreciated that some people tell they wait for more from us and from our project.

                  1 - The crowdfunding was not a big success, well... I would say a fail. You always learn and we still are progressing. We earned also some contacts, experience with this process.

                  2 - The project isn't dead. On my side I have been busy to work on video for a video game studio. Emmanuel my partner in Near Humanity has released his second comics. But Near Humanity is moving on as we have finished the pilot video content. We start the first episode production. First good news. :)

                  3 - The project is evolving and moving a little away from just a video series. It will be more a rich medias or cross medias experience. I'm completing the pilot prototype and it's really exciting what Near Humanity is becoming.

                  4 - We raised some funds which will help the production of the first chapters. We changed and scope down the project. But in the end, how we make Near Humanity evolve will give more length and more content.

                  Stay tuned for more updates.

                  By the way, you can also register in my new website, I've launched few days ago, to get some updates as they come or discover other creatives projects i'm involved in.


                  You'll be able to look at he last video I did in After Effects and with various plugins. If anyone need a titlesequence and you have some budget, contact me. I'm affordable ;+)

                  I will keep on posting updates as major steps are reached.