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    Hi Film Maker Forum,

    I'm the editor of The kickstarter campaign I am posting about is not for a film in production, but for a New York-based site that helps completed independent films connect with a real-life audience. Since our Kickstarter page explains what we do as well as I can, I'm just going to cut and paste. All I'll say here is: make sure you scroll down to the prizes.

    Paul Brunick
    Editor, Alt Screen


    "One way to trace the history of the movies is to look at the evolution of alternative cinemas—to consider, in other words, how an inventive approach to showing films can foster a new way of understanding them.” -New York Times, Sep. 2011

    What is Alt Screen?

    Alt Screen began taking shape in 2010 as an editorial side project and experiment in digital publishing, but the site was ultimately launched in April 2011 as a practical solution to a specific need. We wanted to create an online clearinghouse for information on New York's alternative cinemas, film festivals and special-screening events—something comprehensive, easy to navigate and elegantly designed. Why? Because that's what we wanted to read ourselves and knew didn't exist.

    Alt Screen has been written about in the New York Times ("a comprehensive guide"), the New Yorker ("looks cool”) and the L Magazine (who voted us "Best New Website" in their annual Best of Brooklyn issue).

    Read More on our Kickstarter page

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    going to support now, glad to have Alt Screen here on the forums, have heard great things about you..