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Polish science-fiction movie called the mishtals

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  • Polish science-fiction movie called the mishtals

    I'm from filmmaking group called TheatricalStudio and we are going to create really epic and unique movie. It will be polish science-fiction movie. Story about one man which fell on him a great burden of responsibility. On the guy fell the duty of defense Earth before ten warriors from planet called Mishtal. In this universe are specific fight rules and there is no conventional wars. There are only honorable fights. The world in which the film will be set is enormous! It's called Universe of The Mishtals and it's big world full of details. This world is a material for a lot of stories and movie The Mishtals will be first of them. I think it's really huge project and you should check it out.

    In the project on IndieGogo you can find a lot of details about movie The Mishtals and also Universe of The Mishtals.

    Please support us. We are young but we have big idea and with You we can become professionalists and we can create the movie that You want to see!

    Here it is:

    I think this movie will be another......will be unconventional and original......