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(Indiegogo) Please Stop Sticking Pencils Up Your Nose...

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  • (Indiegogo) Please Stop Sticking Pencils Up Your Nose...

    Hi Guys,
    My New Short Film is about Ann Florez a teacher fed up with her class, she wants out of second grade and wants to move into something more exciting like 8th! I am a film student at NYU, and this my senior thesis, called Tiny Actions. It's an urban twist of gift of the Magi. By the end of the movie she discovers that 2nd grade is not that bad at all. You can check out the teaser on the indiegogo page I have been very lucky in getting a really great cast of adult and kid actors as well as an amazing crew. (THE Teaser actually does show a boy sticking pencils up his nose he is adorable so check out the indiegogo if for just that reason)

    We have shot the first half of the movie, with the money we raised from out last two indiegogo's we ran prior and we are gearing up to shot the second half of the movie.

    In order to finish this movie and make it a reality, I need your help! Our goal is to raise at least $3,000 on Indiegogo. Donations will be contributing to the cost of equipment, locations, transportation and art direction. Anything and everything donated will go straight to production. So if you can donate or want to find out more about the project the link is

    I know your saying to yourself “Lexie, you should know better then any of us that, us college kids and struggling artists don't have any money.” So if that is you, other then give money I am asking for you to like the movie's fan page ( ) and please share the indiegogo campaign if you can. Because if you can't donate maybe someone you know can.

    My movie is called “Tiny Actions” because of one boy's tiny action in the movie that changes the heart of the cynical teacher. As much as I have tried, I realize that I can't make a movie all on my own. I have realized shooting the first half that it took a lot of people’s tiny and awesome loving actions to help make the first half of my short a reality. The reason I want to make this movie is because at the heart of the story it about helping others, and the idea that the smallest of kind actions have great affect.

    If all you can do is a facebook like on the movies page, that would be an Action I would gladly appreciate it.

    Regardless, please check out my Indiegogo page, a website dedicated to monitoring my fundraising progress at

    Thanks for all your support!!

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