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  • The Longest Swim Movie

    Based on a true story, The Longest Swim is a drama that shows what one friend must go through in order to save his best friend who is experiencing a diabetic seizure…

    OFFICIAL CAST: Wil Horneff (The Sandlot, Law and Order, Born To Be Wild), Stephen Ohl, and Kate Wolfe

    While vacationing at a Vermont Lake House, Matt is awoken by subtle blurts and shouts coming from Ben’s bedroom. He rushes to the bedroom and flicks on the lights...

    There before Matt is his best friend Ben: convulsing, shaking, gagging… His legs straight and stiff like a statue, his arms flail and scratch, foam drips from his lips. Ben is experiencing a very dangerous diabetic induced seizure and it is up to Matt to save his best friend’s life. No phone, no hospital within 30 miles, and the closest house is the one directly across the lake. Matt's only option to save his best friend is to swim The Longest Swim…

    View trailer and kickstarter page here:
    THE LONGEST SWIM MOVIE by FLEX-o-Lite Productions, LLC — Kickstarter
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      Interesting, will take a look.